Dear Cyprus Pediatric Society,

May I invite you and all your members to join our free of charge website: ESPE e-learning. What is offered to you:

ESPE e-learning is a global tool for instruction and formative assessment. It supports learning and development of competencies and skills at two levels: core (medical students) and advanced (fellow/ postdoc). The website is suitable for:

Self-study: refreshing/gaining more in-depth knowledge of pediatric endocrinology studying Chapters & Cases; Teaching: Classroom case discussion (via projector). Emphasis: clinical presentation and differential diagnosis. Tutor: Pediatrician; Preparation for a course.

The online learning website consists of three sections:
1. Paediatric Endocrine Courses (57 chapters and 61 cases (2872 pages in English)) providing up-to- date chapters, and problem solving cases in the categories; Adrenal Disorders, Calcium and Bone, Diabetes, Diabetes ISPAD Guidelines, Disorders of Sex Development, Growth and Growth Regulation, Hyperinsulinism, Hyponatremia, Multiple Endocrine Deficits, Obesity, Pituitary, Puberty and Thyroid Disorders.
2. The section Resource Limited Countries (16 chapters and 24 cases (903 pages in 5 languages = 4515)) and offers chapters and problem-solving cases intended at three health care levels in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Swahili and Chinese): Adrenal Disorders, Bone Disorders, Diabetes ISPAD Guidelines, Disorders of Sex Development, Growth and Growth Regulation, Gynecology, Hypoglycemia, Obesity, Pituitary, Puberty, Sodium and Water and Thyroid Disorders.
3. The Student Course learning module (3 chapters and 3 cases (226 pages in English)) contains three self-study assignments each consisting of a chapter accompanied by 2 interactive problem solving case to illustrate the clinical approach of disorders of Growth and growth regulation, Puberty, and GH-IGF axis.
Who is offering:

Development and maintenance is a non-profit educational project supported by the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinoloy (ESPE) under responsibility of the ESPE Online Learning Committee; Annemieke M. Boot (NL), chair; Flora Bacopoulou (GR); May Ng (UK); Evangelia Kalaitzoglou (US), coordinator resource limited countries section*.

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Kind regards, Evangelia Kalaitzoglou


ESPE e-learning is a FREE, globally accessible website with chapters and cases based on learning categories of paediatric endocrinology and diabetes providing core and advanced level learning modules on normal development, pathophysiological mechanisms and current views on diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. All content has been created and reviewed by international experts. The modules are suited for students, teachers and health care providers, as they offer immediate feedback to questions and are ideal for course preparation, teaching or discussion. A section dedicated for providers in the first, secondary and tertiary levels of health care in resource limited countries (RLC), covering all major subjects of pediatric endocrinology including a large chapter on diabetes, is available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Swahili and Chinese).

Online registration is required in order to gain access to the e-learning portal content, see registration procedure.

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